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Talker Hosting Services

Extreme Talker Plan ($16.00 / month)

This plans provides you with three full Linux shell accounts with an 1600 meg quota, 35 e-mail aliases, and 100 ports to run three talkers on -- with unlimited TCP connections, and 100 megabytes of memory.

This plan also comes with two hostnames and two webpages with full SSI, CGI, Perl, and PHP access. Additionally, you get hosting for two domains, including, emails, and DNS hosting!

You also get a MySQL database for webpages or as a back-end for large talkers.

If this is more than your needs require, please take a look at our Premium Talker Plan.

plan details

  • three talkers on 1600 megs of disk space
  • 100 megs of memory
  • three shell accounts -- for another talker, yourself, or your staff
  • unlimited TCP connections
  • a MySQL database
  • two hostnames
  • two webpages
  • full SSI, CGI, Perl, PHP access
  • 35 e-mail aliases
  • 100 ports for your talker
  • free hosting of (including and e-mails)
  • fantastic support!
  • only $16.00 per month
  • get more details | signup

Special Deals

Get started on your basic talker account for as low as $4.00 per month!

Pay one year in advance and receive a 15% discount; pay six months and receive extra disk space.

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